Please Don't Shoot - Book by HansiPlease Don't Shoot! I'm Already Wounded $11.00 - re-printed 2012

"The story has been written with the lifeblood of a wounded heart - mine. The first publication of the book was in January 1979 and itbecame an instant bestseller but was suddenly pulled by the publisher because it caused so much controversy! The last decades of the century were times of upheaval within the Christian subculture of America. Divorce was an unforgivable sin and ignored with the hope that the problem would silently vanish - but it did not!
Just as God showed me clearly to write this book after a devastating divorce of my own, so is the Lord directing me now to republish this book! I confess that I dragged my feet to obey! It took so many years to heal and be still and to see God's silver lining and all the good only HE could create from it! Yes, we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to HIS purpose."

Never Grow OldNever Grow Old - $12.00
Copyright 2011

"Hansi (Maria Anne Hirschmann) wrote her autobiography in a book with the title "Hansi, the Girl Who Left the Swastika". The book is still in print, has become a classic, and is translated into many languages. This new book is a sequel and shares deeper insights that were not known to Hansi in her younger years (She is now in her eighties). God has a different view about old age. Caleb in the Bible, found God's secret. He said, "I am eighty-five years old, now give me that mountain." (See Joshua 14:10-12) A child of God does not age toward death and decay, but climbs upward toward eternal youth. God has set eternity into our hearts now, if we want it! (See Ecclesiastes 3:11 NAS) Let's never grow old!!"


Hansi, The Girl Who Left The Swastika Her life story!

The book has become a classic. Newly released and updated!


I’ll Never Walk Alone (HB-09)

Hansi’s journal: The story of a woman who found her way out of a divorce and loneliness, toward fulfilled contentment.



All the study books are set into Hebrew culture and pictures. Learning transfer is made easy by the study guides, which encourage personal participation, and written expression in order to retain the material taught.

I Am But A Child In Christ (HB-00)

A basic Bible study of what it means to be a Christian. For groups or individual study – high school to adult. (A set of book and study guide)

Follow Me (HB-01)

A study guide of the life of Jesus in the cultural setting of his time on earth. It will give you a new perspective as familiar Scriptures take on a deeper meaning and hard to understand happenings suddenly reveal God’s love in every word. (A set of book and study guide)

Learn of Me (HB-02)

A study of the teachings of Christ, based on the Gospel of John. It unfolds new understanding about the things we often puzzle about. Why did the religious leaders oppose Him so intensely? Why did Jesus teach the common people in a new way? What does He want all of us to learn of Him? (A set of book and study guide)

God’s Word: A Living Rainbow (HB-08)
A needed book to help individuals read and enjoy God’s word. Every book of the Bible is placed in its historic setting. The chapters are followed by a brief study guide that will help find the purpose and teachings of the ancient writer.

Beyond Words (HB-10)
Hebrew Bible Pictures for Daily Living, volume one of a five part series. Behind every "Word" is a deeper meaning and mental picture. Without it a word is just a sound or letters. The Hebrews carry the same symbols from generation to generation. Since the Bible is a Hebrew book, we better learn from them. It makes the Bible three dimensional.

Whispering Streams (HB-11)
Volume Two of the series. God's directions are found in poetry, wise sayings and drama. This study takes you through Psalms, Proverbs and Job. The style of writing is varied, the message is clear. Read and discover God's Truth in living colors.

Overflowing Abundance (HB-12)
This is Volume 3 of "The Bible Picture Series" Hansi and Betty love to share with you. Some special insights about the Book of Deuteronomy, some well-known Bible characters, and the prophetic messages of Isaiah are very important for God's children of today. The Holy Spirit seed planted every truth taught in the New Testament within the Old Testament Scriptures.

Deuteronomy is not only God's awesome manual to live in a piece of real estate but how to find the "abundant life" in Christ. It is so wonderful to live in "the Lordship" of Christ. The Old Testament writers will be so surprised by the divine magnitude of God's fulfillment they prophesied in their limited human writings. Their and our hearts will overflow with joy when Isaiah 66:23 will become true and we will bow before the LORD!


Tapes for Now - God's messages for America

Lord, Keep Us Free (C-116A)
Audio portion of the videotape “God Bless America.” A Christian message of freedom and patriotism together with Hansi’s life story.

Hansi’s Story (C-131)
Re-make of “What Does Hansi Mean.” Hansi’s life story. A Patriotic message for a secular setting.

A Time To Rejoice (C-50)
Hansi’s latest message to God’s people and America. The Lord’s severe mercy is trying to call our Nation to repentance. While HIS children may rejoice because HIS redemption draweth near, God’s judgments are never poured out over His people. They are under total protection and may live without feat and in great anticipation of Christ’s soon coming.
On The Life of Christ – These three retreat tapes center around the Christ who walked, lived and thought as a human to set an example. He not only died for us, He taught us how to live on this earth.

Follow Me (C-21)
Christ invited not only His disciples to follow Him! We ought not to follow a doctrine, a church group or a way of life. Christians follow a person – Jesus Christ!

Learn of Me (C-22)
Jesus wants us to learn from Him how to live – in victory and total dependence on His Father.

The Mind of Christ (C-23)
The Lord opened His mind to us, so that we might ask and receive His mind to live without fear and with perfect peace.
Three Keys to Daily Living – Basic spiritual laws are compared to laws of nature. Neither can be ignored or broken without penalty.

The Lord Leadeth Me (C-98)
Trust is the basic element of the Christian experience.

The Lord Covers Me (C-99)
God’s grace does for me what I can never do for myself.

The Lord Honors Me (C-100)
God entrusts His child with freedom of choice.

Three Keys to The Abundant Life – More natural laws are compared to daily spiritual realities. The Christian must learn to apply God’s principles in every situation.

Faith (C-104)
God’s gift entirely, we accept it by our willingness to trust.

Hope (C-105)
God’s grace provides us with enough hope for this life and for eternity!

Love (C-106)
Unbalanced gravity caused collisions. Love without balance can do harm. God’s love is always balanced.

God’s Method of Healing – Hansi and Betty researched with their hearts blood, through months of sickness, where God’s answers would be found. The three tapes are companion tapes to the booklet BETTER IS NOT ENOUGH.

The Lord Healeth (C-113)
What the Bible teaches about God’s willingness to heal.

As a Man Thinketh (C-114)
To “think in His heart” means the general direction of a life.

He Restoreth My Soul (C-115)
To restore is a step-by-step process and the Lord heals our spirit and soul first.

Six Acceptable Sins – These retreat tapes unmask personality flaws, which are so easily excused or ignored, but can do untold harm. God and His Word have the remedy for every problem.

Where are You? (C-51)
The first step toward the solution is to decide the Lordship of Christ. Who is your Lord?

Are You Lonely? (C-52)
Christians might not always decide if they shall find themselves alone, but we never need to be lonely!

Are You Depressed? (C-53)
Depression can have physical causes, but is often a result of a wounded soul and spirit. Depression is curable, if we do it God’s way.

Are You Put Down? (C-54)
Some people have had every stroke against them and even wonder if God puts them down. The Lord never does. Every person is important in God’s eyes.

Are You Religious? (C-55)
Legalism is an outer form only. It stunts spiritual life.

Are You Indifferent? (C-56)
The Bible calls it “lukewarm.” Aren’t most of us wondering what difference one person could make? God works through individuals.

Study of The “I Am’s” In John – When Jesus called Himself “Ego Eimi,” The Great “I Am,” He claimed a term attributed to God and divinity; no wonder He upset the zealous, religious leaders of His day who refused to believe in Him. “I Am” is always here, even today!

I Am The Bread of Life (C-30)
Bread is a great picture and symbol in the Hebrew thinking, just a piece of baked grain dough bread stands for friendship and life.

I Am The Good Shepherd (C-31)
Jesus shocked His listeners when He called Himself a shepherd, but He knew some things others did not.

I Am With You Always (C-32)
Christ’s promise to never leave His Follower; conquers fears, loneliness and gives us peace in any storm.

I Am The Light of The World (C-33)
In Jesus’ time, nights were dark and light was treasured. Nobody has to be in darkness ever – Jesus has the answer.

The Book of Job – Recorded at a retreat, the three tapes show we can apply the ancient story into our everyday life. Modern Jobs live and struggle. Job’s pious friends are around today with new sanctimonious phrases. Satan is still jealous and raging to destroy, and a God of love still brings the conflicts of His servants to a glorious end!

Job and His Friends (C-63)
Job’s friends think they do God a favor when they judge from outward experience. God was not pleased about it.

Job the Man (C-64)
A godly man of the Old Testament who does not know about Christ and Calvary, Job struggles for answers when his faithful service to God seems to be repaid with cruel punishment.

Job and His God (C-65)
God never explains it all to Job, but He reveals Himself in such a way that Job receives a deeper insight than he ever thought possible. Job learned to walk by faith – so must we.

Discoveries About Freedom – Nothing besides Salvation is as important for us to understand as the principles of freedom, We are privileged to live under a government that gives political freedom, but as Christians, we have a personal, higher form of freedom of choice given to us by God Himself. Satan will try to steal our free choice day to day. Why should we permit it? We need learn how to accept God’s gift under pressure. These three tapes are very important messages to God's people.

Freedom From Time Pressure (C-66)
If time is our enemy and we fight with it, we are out of God’s balance and better find out why? Time must become our friend.

Freedom From Social Pressure (C-67)
Our modern life is a pressure cooker. We are obligated, manipulated and often frustrated. These pressures are not God’s loving will for our lives.

Freedom for Freedom’s Sake (C-68)
One of the most important messages ever produced by Hansi Ministries. Betty shares Hebrew word pictures and customs within Hansi’s message. Both give new highlights about their favorite subject.

Bible Pictures – Bible names become real people and the Hebrewness of the Bible comes into focus. This is a ‘fun way’ to see the Bible in living colors!

Esther, Ruth and Joseph (C-75)
The tape introduces first facts about Hebrew thinking and the Bible customs, then it focuses on three ‘losers’ who end up in victory.

David (C-76)
The story of great King David seen from a human level. He obviously fought the spirit of rejection and betrayal all his life and learned to trust God only!

Psalms 36 & 37 (C-77)
These two Psalms belong together and are looked at as one whole, then the most familiar texts are visualized and enjoyed. Yes, God wants to give us the desires of the heart.

I’ll Never Walk Alone – These three messages are not only for people who live alone, but for any lonely person in a crowd, family or under threatening circumstances. The number one need in America to be filled, is loneliness – even in Christian circles.

In Body (C-81)
Everybody needs someone “with skin on” and God agrees. The Bible teaches that it is not good for a person to be alone. God does provide human companionship, if we let him! The message ends with Psalm 1.

In Soul (C-82)
Our emotions and intellect can isolate us from God and people. We need to find God’s balance. Psalm 42 speaks about the way to handle a downcast soul.

In Spirit (C-83)
As we walk in the light of God’s spirit, we will discover wrong attitudes, fears and other hindrances that stop us from reaching out and accepting what God has for us. Psalm 19 assures us of protection and complete victory over loneliness and fear.

The Holy Spirit – The tapes shall hopefully bring God’s people together in spiritual harmony.

Walking in The Spirit (C-84)
The place of the Holy Spirit in a Christian’s life – what are the evidences of His presence?

Leading of The Spirit (C-85)
How does the Spirit lead God’s people and how can we know that it is the true Spirit of God? We can be sure!

Growing Through The Spirit (C-86)
The Spirit of God does the growing and maturing – we learn to abide and stay with the Lord.



Studies in Joshua – The experiences of the Israelites in the wilderness are given to us “as an example” by the Apostle Paul to learn from it, for our Christian life.

Cross This Jordan (C-24)
Joshua’s first responsibility was to take God’s people into their “Promised Land”. Our entrance into God’s “abundance” happens as soon as we make Jesus Christ the Lord of our Life (contains Betty’s China story).

Three Battles (C-25)
Even after entering the Promised Land, there were conflicts, battles and decisions to be made. In God’s abundance, we still need to learn to make the right decisions from day to day.

Do You Love Me (C-26)
God has a wonderful remedy for human mistakes, be it when the Israelites failed, or the disciples, or each one of us. God always has the answers.

Studies in Zechariah – The Book of Zechariah shows in various symbols and pictures the Life of Christ. It is a very important book for any Christian with which to become acquainted.

Robes from a King (C-34)
The Messiah’s coming announced, His rejection by people is foretold, but so is the forgiveness of God for their great sin of rejecting Him. God always provides the remedy before the problem arises, and His Robe of Righteousness awaits us all whenever we sin.

The Kingly Branch (C-35)
The Messiah is prophesied to come first as a servant. His second coming will be as a King

The Shepherd King (C-36)
The true Shepherd will be sold by His friends for 30 pieces of silver – but He never stops loving his erring sheep.

The Rejected King (C-37)
This is the prophecy of the Palm Sunday story in the life of Christ. The enthusiasm was built on emotions only. And that is not enough.

The Crucified King (C-38)
The prophetic portrait of Christ’s walk to and His dying on Calvary – hours of triumph, not defeat!

The King of Glory (C-39)
The prophecy of the Messiah’s second coming – the main Hebrew festivals described and applied to Christianity.

Studies in James
– The letter by Christ’s half brother is addressed to a group of Believers and gives instructions on how to live as a Christian, not directions on how to become one. The tapes are as practical as the Book of James.

The Christian Under Pressure (C-47)
The first thing a Christian has to settle is his relationship with God in his daily living.

The Christian in Interaction (C-48)
How do we react, relate and respond to others if we want to have a good life?

The Christian’s Personality (C-49)
God has a plan for every personality and He provides clear guidelines on how to attain it.

Studies in Hebrews – The book of Hebrews contains applications to prove that Jesus is “better” than all the Old Testament pictures that pointed to Him.

Who is Jesus? (C-57)
The question is directed to Hebrew people, but anyone at any time must find an answer. If we agree with the writer of Hebrews, Jesus Christ must become our Lord.

Jesus Our Rest (C-58)
The Old Testament Sabbath rest depicts two forms of rest; Salvation in Jesus Christ and Fellowship with God through Christ. We are invited to enter into both.

Jesus Our High Priest (C-59)
Jesus is a better High Priest than the old Testament high priests who all had to die. Our High Priest lives forever. His intercessory work for us today meets our every need.

The Better Covenant (C-60)
All the Old Testament sacrifices and offerings were only pictures that could not save anyone. It took the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to open the way back to God for Salvation. There is no other way!

Faith in Jesus (C-61)
Faith is God’s gift, but how we use it is our decision, People of the Bible demonstrated their faith in good and hard times, in life and death matters. What do we demonstrate?

Running Our Race (C-62)
This is a continuation of the same theme; how do we demonstrate what we believe? In a marathon race, we show different phases to different observers. The race is like our daily life. It is not always repetition or one burst of energy. It is an endurance test with a sure victory at the end.

Studies in Ephesians – Paul’s letter to the Ephesus church was a strong reminder of all the things Christians need to keep in their hearts to receive all of God’s gifts and what in turn He expects from them.

What Do We Get (C-69)
Twenty-nine blessings are listed and we may have them for the asking. What a message of hope and joy!

How Should We Live? (C-70)
Gifts have to be used. God not only sends great gifts, but He also gives directions and provides the strength to use His gifts wisely.

What Keeps Us Going? (C-71)
The armor of God protects us if we put it on. We stand while Jesus does out battle. No wonder we keep on going!

What Difference Does One Person Make? – The great God of Heaven never works or saves masses. He always deals with individuals. The entire Bible tells of the importance of one human being for either good or evil.

Trust Without Evidence – Abraham (C-72)
God used one man to start a nation. Although he never saw the complete fulfillment of God’s promise, his obedience set the foundation.

Reluctant Obedience – Jonah (C-73)
God used one man to save a wicked city. He wasn’t eager to go, but God still fulfilled His purpose when he finally obeyed.

Little Becomes Big – Moses, et al. (C-74)
People from different walks of life (men, women and children) all were used by God because they gave Him all they had. It doesn’t matter how big or small it seems, God can multiply.

Studies in Romans – This is the great Epistle of Salvation and Paul explains every detail of the glorious Good News. What an important book!

Salvation is Free (C-78)
Nobody can earn, deserve or inherit Salvation. Each individual has to accept God’s greatest gift by his own choice. Salvation was paid in full by Jesus Christ, therefore, it will always be free to everybody who ask for it.

Our Struggle (C-79)
After accepting Salvation, a person finds himself in conflict with his old nature. Even Paul had that problem. God has provided a solution if we want it.

Make It Practical (C-80)
The Book of Romans concludes with five chapters that give practical advice on how to apply the gift of Salvation and our new relationship to Jesus, and what kind of difference it should make.

Freedom Pictures – God’s gift of freedom found its highest expression on Calvary when Jesus died to set us free, but the concept of Freedom is found all through the Old Testament.

The Lamb (C-87)
The Lamb is the promise of Freedom. God provided a ram as a substitute for Isaac. The Passover Lamb represents the Lamb of God.

The Land (C-88)
God’s gift of the land teaches His people how to keep the freedom. They forfeited freedom and lost the land by their disobedience.

The Life (C-89)
The two prophets, Hosea and Habakkuk, are used to show how to use God’s gift of freedom properly. The life of one “tzadik” (righteous person) can make a difference for the freedom of a whole nation.

Studies in Galatians – The freedom book of the New Testament was written to people who had forgotten what it meant to be free and who had permitted themselves to be put into bondage.

The Fears of Freedom (C-90)
Freedom is only for the courageous! It scares people who need the reassurance of structure and regulations and who want to “pay” for a free gift.

The Price of Freedom (C-90)
God paid the price in full! What a price He paid! Any person who thinks to “add” to the price insults God’s love.

The Gifts of Freedom (C-92)
Galatians’ final chapters give us 24 gifts and all the fruit of the Spirit. They are free for the asking.

Three Messianic Psalms – The next three Psalms are definitely messianic in pointing toward Christ’s work on earth. All three are written by King David, out of whose line Jesus would come. God’s Spirit inspired the Psalmist to write about the things he didn’t comprehend fully. We are permitted to see it all fulfilled.

The Lord is My Shepherd: Ps. 23 (C-95)
This Psalm is so familiar that we are tempted to overlook the many meaningful pictures and deep messages hidden behind the words. Listeners enjoy the teachings so much. It has become one of Betty’s most popular tapes.

The Lord is My Refuge: Psalm 16 (C-96)
Refuge does not come automatically, we must take it. We find five different words in the Hebrew to picture God’s provision for our protection. He meets every need.

The Lord is For Me: Psalm 118 (C-97)
It is a song of joy and triumph when David discovers that God is on his side. The Lord is on our side, too!

Three Messages from Malachi – Malachi is God’s last message of the Old Testament. Some elements go surprisingly well with the last book of the New Testament. The tapes cover more than the book of Malachi.

Remember Who I Am (C-101)
People in Malachi’s day worshiped God in form only. The prophet calls them back to true worship. John discovers a new vision of His Lord in the first chapter of Revelation. The Lord assures him that HE is always the same, from Genesis to Malachi to Revelation.

Remember You Can Trust Me (C-102)
People tried to ‘trick’ God and buy His favor. Malachi assures them that they can trust the Lord if they only return to Him. In the Book of Revelation, John discovered that Jesus was the only one worthy to fulfill God’s plan.

Remember That I Love You (C-101)
Malachi reminded the people that God still loved them and longed to take care of them. In Revelation, Jesus sends the same message of love to each of the seven churches.

Psalm 119 – The longest chapter of the Bible, it is often skipped because the Psalm seems to repeat itself so much. In reality, it is David’s review of his own long life and is most practical for our modern times. The Psalm is like a mine. If we dig, we find gold.

To Go or Not To Go (C-110)
Verses 1 through 56 reflect David’s decision to go God’s way with all his heart. Today it would mean a decision about the Lordship of Christ.

Detours or Freeways (C-111)
Verses 57 through 120 show God’s provision for us, so that we may survive our journey. We decide if we travel His route or take many detours.

Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones (C- 112)
Verses 121 through 176 speak about the choices one must make. The right choice makes any circumstance a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block.



The following tapes are done as a combined effort by Hansi & Betty, These messages are done in two parts with Betty doing the first part (A) and Hansi the second (B). Although they are stand-alone messages, both tapes give you the benefit of the full message.


Creation in The Beginning (C-113A)
A Detailed study of the first chapter of Genesis in the Hebrew context.

Adam & Eve: God Has A Way (C-114A)
The first sin was distrust. When people decide to rely on their own definition of good and evil instead of believing a loving God, disaster follows.

Passover: Feast of Freedom (C-115A)
God’s redemptive rest by which Israel and we may be freed from the burden of death and sin.

Water & Manna: God Always Supplies (C-116A)
Rest and provision for daily living. More lessons on trust.
Milk & Honey: God’s Full Provision (C-117A)
Rest in abundance, the hardest “rest” to learn and in which to remain.

Rest: Jesus Shares The Secret (C-118A)
The New Testament fulfillment of Old Testament promises. Christ’s teaching about it.


Self-Acceptance: In God’s Goodness (C-113B)
We must understand the complete goodness of our God to understand that He made His children good by creation, and desires the same in our re-creation.

Self-Knowledge: In God’s Compassion (C-114B)
Sin is a puppy at the door. What happens when you take it in?

Self-Confidence: In God’s Grace (C-115B)
God wears pink glasses when He looks at us, we look precious to Him.

Self-Awareness: In God’s Mercy (C-116B)
You Are Important in God’s Eyes!

Self Development: In God’s Loving Kindness (C-117B)
Poverty or wealth do not define spiritual maturity. God is a God of abundance.

Self-Contentment: In God’s Glory (C-118B)
The trail of light coming to your feet at the beach is a picture of God’s glory. We reflect it best in our own trail of godly contentment.


Studies in Philippians – Paul’s letter to a church that he loved deeply. Like a father, he corrects, encourages and guides as gently as possible.

Confidence (C-119)
The Word of God admonishes God’s people to live a life of confidence no matter what the circumstances. Paul writes from prison, but that did not destroy the right of confidence.

Motivation (C-120)
It can come from many sources. The Apostle is concerned that the church people live by God’s motivation, not by worldly goals.

Contentment (C-121)
In spite of life’s difficulties and cares, God’s people may have contentment because Jesus never fails!

Stress Management – Every person has to live with stress, some flourish with it, others suffer under it. God’s people have the very best chance to make stress a tool for growth and a content life.

I Can Be Confident (C-122)
Confidence is a must for every human being to succeed. We can think in extremes and never find the balance of the right confidence unless we do it God’s way! Where do you put your confidence?

I Can Be Motivated (C-123)
Again, without motivation, a person will only exist through life. Our motivating balance will decide if we have a smooth or bumpy ride through every day. The right motivation can make the difference between misery and happiness, not only for us, but for those with whom we live!

I Can Be Content (C-124)
The highest goal of any life is contentment. It includes happiness, satisfaction, joy and peace. Contentment is neither complacency or constant striving for more. It is not depending on circumstances either. It’s truly one of God’s great gifts to a balanced soul.


The Tabernacle – It is the Lord’s special picture book to teach His children that He will be with them always and they may serve Him in His presence forever.

A Meeting Place (C-125)
We have constant access to the Mercy Seat and we begin our relationship with God by meeting Him in the Holy of Holies. It is not a place to fear. It is a place of Welcome!

A Looking Place (C-126)
When strangers come to see God’s Tabernacle, what were they allowed to see? What did it teach them about God? What did they learn from the High Priest?

A Doing Place (C-127)
The activities and worship ceremonies had as much deep meaning as the objects. It reflected God’s doing in our life and in our doing service to Him.

Temple of The Holy Spirit – When Paul tells the believers that they must make their body the Temple of the Holy Spirit, he introduced to all of us an overwhelming challenge. What is expected of us and how do we fulfill our new, high calling? The way the Tabernacle and the Old Testament temples were built and operated should give us some valid spiritual guidance.

A Hidden Spirit (C-128)
A believer must always start with the inside and meet the Lord within his spirit first. Visible changes follow later.

An Open Soul (C-129)
Our soul must open itself to the Spirit’s work and our will, emotion and intellect must be renewed and become a place of daily service to God. It’s an exciting way to live!

A Willing Body (C-130)
The body in its physical sense is always the last of the three parts of us to catch on that all of it has been set aside for service and worship. Our physical parts must learn to obey and respond to new directions from our inner control center. The results can be mind boggling!


Psalms for The 90’s – Moses wrote eleven Psalms (90-100) and dedicated each to one of the tribes of Israel. The personality of the sons of Jacob determine the emphasis of the Psalms. Each Psalm is applicable for us in the 90’s.

Remember Yesterday: Psalms 90-03 (C-134)
We consider who our God truly is and who we are in God’s eyes. We are loved with unconditional love by a Lord who holds every fleeting moment of our lives in His kind hand.

Improve Today: Psalms 94 – 96 (C-135)
When evil seems to triumph, how do we react? Why do good things come to bad people, why do bad things happen to good people? What is our response to what God is doing today? Do we plant imperishable seeds?

Look for Tomorrow: Psalms 97-100 (C-136)
God wants us to learn a new song as we look for Christ’s return. We can be content and satisfied like Naphtali, we have no reason to fret, only rejoice.

Answer for The 90’s – In the light of Psalms 90 to 100, we learn to handle the past, present and future of our life in God’s way and find healing, joy and great contentment in turbulent times.

Binding Shame: A Pain of The Past (C-137)
In order to live in a relaxed present, we must deal with our past memories and the scars we all carry. Shame is a state of being we all need to look at and know how to give it to Jesus. He bore our shame and set us free from toxic shame.

Daily Joy: A Solution for the Present (C-138)
God’s true joy is the antidote to toxic emotions and fears, but we must learn what it is not. What is God willing to give to us in place of fickle happiness. Joy is more than a feeling!

Complete Approval: A Promise of the Future (C-139)
We can have God’s approval simply by wanting to be His child, but does God have our complete approval? Do we trust Him when we do not understand Him and when His promises are fulfilled His way? How do we find His gift of contentment?


Book of Numbers - The Apostle Paul tells us in his letter to the Corinthians that the happenings in the wilderness are recorded for our instruction, that we may learn from them.

Cloud to Protect (C-140)
A loving, Heavenly Father provides a cloud to protect His young nation, who like babes, complain and yell. They must be taught that obedience brings protection. All of us must stay under the cloud.

Water to Satisfy (C-141)
The children of Israel find it hard to grow into spiritual maturity. The miracle of water from the Rock should teach them to trust a loving God. Our Rock is Christ and we need to remember that the water is in the Rock.

Bread to Nourish (C-142)
God gave the murmuring Israelites daily manna so that they might see His faithful love in spite of their ungrateful behavior. Do we take God’s manna for granted also?

Time of Preparation – The Lord leads every child of His out of Egypt, through the Red Sea (salvation) into a time of preparation in a wilderness setting so that His spirit can prepare us for greater inheritance in the future. All of us must learn the same basics.

Learn to Be Free (C-143)
The first lesson for a slave when he enters freedom, is willing restraint (obedience by free choice). Freedom is not a life without any restraints, but living by inner control. The Cloud protects when one stays under it.

Learn to Listen (C-144)
God calls His people in any generation to listen to His commandments and respond with doing and trust. It is not for His sake, but because He knows what is best for us! We need to learn to listen to each other also.

Learn to See (C-145)
Eyes can lead astray because seeing interprets the physical not the invisible, which is part of hearing and listening. The inner eye is strengthened when we learn to be thankful and see everyday, God’s hidden miracles.


Studies in Deuteronomy – God desired to bring the Israelites out of Egypt to bring them into His land of Promise. This is true for every child of God in every generation. Many never receive all of God’s provisions. What must we do to get our full inheritance?

Accept Your Inheritance (C-146)
Nothing is ours unless we accept it. In order to possess, we must move into the territory and see it as ours. Israel never learned it fully.

Use Your Inheritance (C-147)
Unless people do it God’s way, they end up in failure. If we settle for better, we never see God’s best. What was God’s wonderful plan for Israel? What is His plan for us?

Keep Your Inheritance (C-148)
Israel’s history in the land is a great lesson for us. Conquering and possessing is one phase, settling and keeping it is the hardest. Especially when God gives abundance. What are the dangers of taking God’s blessings for granted?

The Nature of Freedom – God’s highest goal for His children on this earth is to live in freedom. We need to understand freedom to live in it, otherwise, we take it for granted and lose it! Israel did. Must it happen to us and our nation?

Insecurity of Freedom (C-149)
Freedom is for people with courage, because some of the physical securities provided by the structure of bondage are missing. Freedom of choice is a divine gift, not everybody wants it!

Principals of Freedom (C-150)
Freedom gives a choice. Free people are willing to make right choices and take the responsibility for their decisions. To keep freedom alive, God’s people must live by the principles of His true freedom.

Gifts of Freedom (C-151)
The gifts of freedom come as the heel follows the foot. We don’t need to make them our top priority, they are a result. What happens if we do it God’s way? We shall not only find ourselves blessed in every aspect of life, but we shall possess it for our Lord God.



TAPE SETS - Hansi and Betty on each tape

End Times Study – A series of 12 tapes covering the events of the Book of Revelation in the light of Old and New Testament Scriptures. The tapes should be listened to sequentially as the topics follow the order of Christ’s predictions and the sequential order of Revelation. No “guesstamation” or future dates. Strictly Bible research and impeccable historical information.

Olivet Discourse (C-152)
Times of The Gentiles (C-153)
The Rapture of The Church (C-154)
The Setting and Ephesus (C-155)
Six More Churches (C-156)
Heavenly Happenings (C-157)
Seals and Multitudes (C-158)
Trumpets. A Book and Two Witnesses (C-159)
A Rock and A Broken Covenant (C-160)
The Fall of Babylon (C-161)
Armageddon and The Second Coming (C-162)
Kings on Earth and in Heaven (C-163)

Parables of Jesus - Available only in six-tape sets. It is most beneficial to listen to these tapes in the order given.

Is Anyone Hearing? (C-164)
Parable about salt and light, the request for bread, two building foundations, cloth patching, two debtors, children in the marketplace and the empty space for seven unclean spirits.

Is Anyone Learning? (C-165)
Explains six Parables about a child in their midst, counting the cost, the insistent friend, the fig tree, about leaven, and a mustard seed.

Is Anyone Responding? (C-166)
We listen to six more Parables about the sower, the rich fool, seeking the best seats, promises to work, the wicked husbandman and the need for a wedding garment.

Is Anyone Coming? (C-167)
Seven Parables tell about the wedding feast, the rich man and Lazarus, the Pharisee and the Publican, the good Samaritan, the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son.

Is Anyone Deserving? (C-168)
Another six Parables about the patient husbandman, the unmerciful manager, the unrighteous steward, the unworthy servant, the hiring of laborers and the finding of a great treasure and pearl.

Is Anyone Watching? (C-169)
Seven final Parables teach about tares and wheat, the fish dragnet, three types of stewards, the unjust judge, blossoming fig tree, ten virgins and giving of talents.

Isaiah – These fit well with the End-Time tapes. Available only in six-tape sets. Isaiah could have written his book for our nation of today. Six main theme of the prophet are analyzed as they relate to our present days. God’s people of every generation ask the same questions:

How Long? (C-170)
Who Is Coming? (C-171)
Who Is Involved? (C-172)
What Is The Real Problem? (C-173)
Do You Recognize Him? (C-174)
How Does It End? (C-175)




Rainbow Stories for Children – Betty gives the narrative and Hansi gives the applications for our present times.

Two Scared, Brave Men (C-107)
Gideon & Elijah
Both men did not understand fully God’s plan, but they followed His orders step by step. It was enough to be victorious!

Children Can Serve God, Too (C108)
Samuel, Miriam, The Little Maid, The Boy With The Lunch - Children often feel unwanted or unimportant, These four children were used by God when no adult made himself available!

Learn From Mistakes (C-109)
Peter, Timothy, Mark, Mary & Martha -
Mistakes cannot keep you down unless you permit them to. “ I made a mistake once,” is no excuse for doing nothing.

Learn To Be Free (C-131)
Moses, Joshua & Caleb - All three of these men knew how to live in oppression and slavery. Now God is teaching them how to live in freedom. That takes courage!

Taking Risks For God (C-132)
Esther & Daniel - Two ordinary people found themselves in important positions. They learned that in any situation, you can trust God. He never fails!

Jesus Is Special (C-133)
Wedding at Cana, Lame Man, Jarius’ Daughter, Storm on Galilee - Jesus’ miracles show that people’s well-being is most important to Him. We are important, too.

Good Things To Remember (C-177)
Samuel, Paul’s nephew, Little Girl in Wilderness, Lost Sheep - Some of these stories are for the younger listener: Jesus’ story about the sheep named Spot and Samuel learns to open the door. Also included are a girl’s story who lives in the wilderness and Paul’s nephew who keeps a promise.

Jesus Makes Places Special (C-178)
Christmas and Easter stories - The often requested stories of Christmas and Easter told in a very unusual way. It is witnessed by the place where it happened. The tape also covers Christ’s baptism and HIS transfiguration. It teaches that Jesus will make any place or person special.

Trust God & Be Happy (C-179)
David and Goliath, Elisha - The story of David and Goliath is told in a most positive and upbeat way. It shows how even a young, often put-down person who diligently practices while trusting God, can be used by the Lord to do great things. The prophet Elisha is a special man because he teaches others how to trust God in hopeless times and remain happy.