Hansi Ministries, Inc. was founded in 1974 when the Lord spoke to Maria Anne Hirschmann (Hansi) and told her to resign from her teaching job and go out to speak and write for Him. Since that time she has traveled back and forth across this land and the world, speaking what the Lord tells her. Her messages are geared toward reminding, re-educating and directing the attitudes of the American people toward their American heritage. She shares the philosophy and meaning of freedom as a nation under God. The ministry tries to accomplish this purpose by the spoken word in lectures and tape sales, through seminars, the news media and by the printed word through books, pamphlets and articles in newspapers and magazines.

The Ministry believes in interdenominational Christian interaction on behalf of bringing the American people into a unity as a Nation under God.

Hansi stands for Help America to a New Spirit and Insight. The ministry is a non-profit corporation, which exists for the sole purpose of serving the Lord Jesus and of making Him more relevant through the books, tapes and personal speaking appearances. Money received above the expenses is given to organizations, which are involved in support of orphans or the distribution of Bibles in third world countries. All gifts are tax-deducible and receipts given.

Hansi was born in a small Czechoslovakian village, raised in a foster home, attended a Nazi school and became a high ranking member of the Hitler youth movement. The end of the war meant prison in a Communist labor camp, escape and finally asylum in Western Germany. The road was rough
but along the way Hansi met Jesus. With Him as her Lord and Savior she came to America. Long hard years even yet, but all the time the Lord was teaching, refining and preparing her for a ministry for Him. From this wealth of experience and knowledge, Hansi speaks and writes with authority and a love for her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She still lives to do His will and this motivation is present in all her presentations. Many of the tapes are recorded before live audiences and are the result of much prayer for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in everything she says. The books are written in the same way. Jesus and Hansi write together.
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