February 2018 HANSI Newsletter

I praise the Lord for you and I pray that Jesus will bless you in a “new” way and most abundantly!

A picture is better than a thousand words and I am so delighted we can share some happy moments with you. It was actually a fabulous answer to an urgent constant prayer of mine since the Western Christmas had come and gone but the twelve big boxes had not arrived for “my” beloved families and orphans in Ukraine.

They celebrate Christmas the Orthodox way on Epiphany, the weekend after the New Year, and I pleaded and pleaded some more – and all twelve boxes arrived three days before that special planned celebration for our many children did happen. Now we have such meaningful pictures for you and thank you from all our hearts and with deep joy!

The clothing was distributed after the Christmas days were over. The need is greater than ever! What was left went to the villages and now I ask the Trinity to reward you with special blessings for your help and financial donations to pay for our projects to the various places in Eastern Europe!

It also brings positive attitudes toward my beloved America because our own liberal U.S. media smears our nation around the world! Every piece of clothing or shoes becomes valued as best “church outfits”. Just about every piece of clothing on those kids and adults you see in the pictures was shipped from the USA. For the smaller kids, our gifts often make the difference whether or not they are clothed warmly and “own” a first toy as their very own possession! I often grab my enlargement glass and “study” those faces and pray! May they grow up and may some of them become missionaries or government leaders for their upcoming generation!

I also desire to thank you for your precious notes. I read them all but since the beginning of the month I am not answering in written form. I DO pray for you! The Lord has set me aside to concentrate on my book manuscript and everything I share I must learn! As I told you before, it is a brand new graduate course in God’s school.

It is mind over matter and living with an “attitude of gratitude” from day to day. This is one of the chapters I have finished writing. I will send it out as a SAIL Letter because it is as important for the young as it is for the old and the antique pilgrims! (Order a “free” copy but mention the title of the letter.)

Folks, giving thanks and praising the Lord is surely pleasing the Father’s loving Father-heart, but the greatest benefit actually comes back to us! It overcomes our negative attitudes and brings meaning to our life and relationship with God and people. Let’s just praise the Lord together! He is the loving Provider to you and those we help, and fills all our hearts with joy and shalom!

Grandma Hansi


The emergency alert sent to mobile phones said in all caps, “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”

The alert, which later proved to be false, also aired on television and radio shortly after 8 a.m., on Saturday, January 13, 2018. Residents and tourists across the state went into panic mode. Videos posted on news stations and social media showed people running down the streets, seeking shelter in police stations or parking garages, jumping out of cars on the freeways, or hunkering down in their homes. One video showed a parent trying to put a child down a storm drain. Many people called their loved ones to say a final goodbye and “I love you.”

And a very few others, who did not receive the alert at all, remained blissfully ignorant! (I am still not quite sure why I did not receive any alert on my own mobile phone. Those who do not have mobile phones, or television or radio on first thing in the morning, did not get it, either, so were spared the needless panic.

What amazed me the most was the response that so many people had when they found it to be erroneous: ANGER! The department of emergency management said it had received “dozens of death threats”. Many people called for the immediate firing of everyone, from that hapless individual who “pressed the button” to the Hawaii governor!

It seems to me that the best response should be, “Am I prepared, should such a scenario become a reality?” A false alert should have put us all on our knees, soul searching, crying out to God for forgiveness, mercy and protection. Perhaps, this was an excellent wake-up call to get right with God, forgive and seek forgiveness from others, and express your love.

“If you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9) Two years ago, Grandma Hansi wrote a 44-page booklet, entitled, “Are You Prepared?” Some of the titles of the chapters include “How to Deal With Fear”, “Radiation Threats and Fallout Clouds”, “How to Plan for Family Emergencies”, and “The Blessed Hope”, as well as a recommended emergency survival supply list. We have printed twice and sold out both times.

This newsletter is on our website: www.hansiministries.org, and also on Hansi-SAIL: www.hansisail.com. Please help us spread the Good News!

This newsletter can be found on our website: www.hansiministries.org and on the Hansi-SAIL website: www.hansisail.com. Please help us spread the Good News

e-mail: hansiministries@hawaii.rr.com • web: www.hansiministries.org

Now available, a 45-page booklet, written by Grandma Hansi.
Included chapters: “God Takes Care of His Children”, “How to Deal with Fear”, “Health and Wealth”, “Radiation Threats and Fallout Clouds”, as well as a recommended emergency survival supply list.

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This newsletter can be found on our website: www.hansiministries.org and on the Hansi-SAIL website: www.hansisail.com. Please help us spread the Good News

e-mail: hansiministries@hawaii.rr.com • web: www.hansiministries.org

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