August 2018 HANSI Newsletter

Aloha, “Dobryj den” (Hello!) - and “D'akuju” (Thank you)!

Grandma Hansi and I have both returned home to Hawaii from our joint missionary trips to Czech Republic and Ukraine this summer. It was a God-blessed trip. Thank you for your prayers and financial support. I know God heard and acted accordingly!

As you may be aware, the language barrier is a huge hurdle. What helped me a tiny bit was that I had learned the Cyrillic alphabet (used in Ukraine) when I was a senior in high school but even so, the language is so different from English! I have a nodding acquaintance with Spanish and Italian, a rudimentary French, and a fair bit of German, but Ukrainian is vastly dissimilar to any of those languages! By the time I left, I was beginning to understand a tiny bit of conversations and had learned about 100 words. Fortunately, our Tanya speaks a fair English! The language of love and the Spirit of unity was able to overcome the language barrier when there was no one to interpret, however!

Grandma Hansi stayed with a family at a different place, practically on the other side of the city. It took about an hour from her house to where I was staying and, consequently, we did not get to see much of each other. I stayed with Pastor Volodya and Tanya and their three children, and was able to attend some of the church functions, including summer camps out in nearby villages.

One evening shortly after we arrived, we were able to witness firsthand the distribution of clothing, shoes, and toys that we had sent from Hawaii. Some of the boxes had arrived just the week before our visit. We are so grateful to all of you who are helping to support this on-going project. And special thanks to Darlene for her help getting them to Chicago to be put on the high seas!

The immense gratitude on the faces and in the voices of the people as they sorted through and picked out items to wear spoke volumes, where lack of language understanding failed! It was a truly overwhelming and humbling experience for me. From very young children to teenagers, pregnant mothers, women and men and grandparents they all found clothing and shoes they could use.

One by one, they came up to Grandma Hansi, many with tears on their faces, to thank her for her kindness and love in sharing and providing. Grandma Hansi and I both were so very delighted to see the piles on the tables go down. There were many people from “our” Lviv church as well as others whose children came to the daycare center that took home needed treasures.

One little boy who obviously had some deep emotional scars would not smile, but went around collecting several of the stuffed animals. The translator said he lived with his mother and several other siblings in a one-room dwelling, only a curtain separating the kitchen and toilet and bed. It hurt my heart to watch him holding on to the toys for dear life! But, the good news is this same family has been coming to the church and daycare center for just about a year and God has wrought some amazing changes in them! The church social workers and psychologists (which Hansi Ministries helps to support) work with the family. In the words of Olya, the translator:

“Mom was brought up in a big family by only father (mother had left them). So she hadn't good example and now she doesn't know what to do with her own big family. Dad of this family is alcoholic. Children are uncontrolled. First they tried to “embed" their style of life. But now the children show a big interest in the games and Bible classes. They liked to have roles in dramas. They started to obey their mentors. It gives us hope for the future work.”

In one of the photos in this newsletter, you will see two little girls who were able to get eyeglasses to help them to see for the first time. Without the help of this ministry, their eyesight would have remained impossible because, although they were much needed, they were prohibitively expensive.

I know the aid we send is bringing about changes, not just in the lives of the kids, but in their parents, as well. The church is working with the parents to teach God’s Word and to train them to learn a new lifestyle, giving them “new” traditions so that the poverty and abuse cycle comes to a grinding halt. By the grace and mercy of God, through the hands and feet of His people, the enemy will no longer reign there.

God bless every person that gives to this ministry in whatever way you give. Prayer is as HUGELY important as are the practical ways of sharing finances and clothing, shoes, blankets, toys, etc! The church's pastors are devoted to teaching God’s Word to their people and to extending the love of Jesus in practical ways. They do what they can with every penny that comes to them through us as the channels of His love.

God’s Blessings to you all,

Please, keep this list of Prayer Needs before our Father:

  1. First and foremost, a good relationship with the people we serve through prayer, harmony and God’s Word.
  2. More finances to reach the children at risk in our Day Care Center, which includes taking in additional children and provision for the workers.
  3. A bigger facility to accommodate the already overflowing present building.
  4. Necessary appliances to facilitate the work, such as a commercial coffeemaker, etc.

This newsletter is on our website:, and also on Hansi-SAIL: Please help us spread the Good News!

This newsletter can be found on our website: and on the Hansi-SAIL website: Please help us spread the Good News

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This newsletter can be found on our website: and on the Hansi-SAIL website: Please help us spread the Good News

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