July 2017 HANSI Newsletter

Shalom, and may God’s Sonshine brighten your summer, beloved Family in Christ!

A German proverb says, “Der Mensch denkt und Gott lenkt.” (Men think but God sets directions.)

I was so sure that I would be by end of June in Eastern Europe, but one tiny little body part stopped Jessie’s and my plans. My wisdom tooth cracked in such a way that the remaining left-over part is not a strong enough anchor for my dentures. If it breaks off, my ability to chew or even talk is gone. My orthodontist anticipated it more than 10 years ago and told me to expect oral surgery and an implant, but there is an unexpected problem! My friendly doctor died of a heart attack recently at age 60 and our Big Island has very few doctors and dentists left after the new health care plans caused severe adjustments for doctors and their patients. Doctors who are still operating are overbooked and do not take new patients; there is a long waiting list!

Until my Lord solves my emergency, it seems wise not to go overseas. If I am able to travel in August, Jessie cannot go with me. She works part-time for us, but is a full-time teacher at a Christian middle school. My “inner” circle protests my willingness to travel alone and the directions from the Lord are “wait upon the Lord”. So I do it – and it is one day at a time!

I covet your prayers and perhaps it is wiser to use the money we would need for flight tickets as payment for sending big boxes filled with needed shoes and school clothing for the coming school year in September. Right now, we are financing a growing ministry to feed and teach many children in summer camps in the villages. They are often the “seed” for small new village churches to teach the Gospel to a generation who never heard the Good News of God’s Love.

Communism brainwashed Eastern Europe since the end of WWII. We find many people who are eager to find an anchor and spiritual meaning for their own life and are so pleased when we try to share love and bread with their children. We could reach out much more than we do because of limited space and finances. Our Ukraine church cannot grow any more because the place we rent is bursting with worshippers. So often, it is “standing room only”!

We are asking our Heavenly Father for a miracle of enough money to build a simple building with more space to set up chairs and have enough rooms for Sunday school and various seminar training for our very eager teens to be trained to reach out to the kids. The parents often follow and come to listen and learn with their children! Please, join us in prayer. We must reach out while we can and before the doors close again. That is even true for our own USA!

Right now, we have less opposition in the Czech Republic, Ukraine, or even in Belarus, to preach Christ in public than we can in America! Yes, and that is my next urgent request: Are you praying for our authorities and a revival in our beloved nation?

Folks, I am not eager to be caught in the political quarreling of our main parties. I am neither for the Democrats nor the Republicans. I am an ambassador for Christ and His Kingdom.

What you are observing right now as a “first” in America or in Canada, I have experienced and seen to a very bitter end with Nazi Germany! Yes, I am also under the irate resentment of God-less organizations and the ruthless lies of the liberal media here in the USA, and it does not bother me that much! What upsets me deeply, as I see my beloved America forget God, is that many Christians try to live in peace and even join the ranks of those who believe that change is always for the better!

The German Christians did not worry too much when they watched “the Land of the Reformation” (started by Martin Luther) turn into a pagan land again. It was worth it to comply to Hitler’s “new” changes for the “good” he brought to a defeated nation after WWI. His changes made sense and submission was the best policy.

What do I see today in the USA in a conflict portrayed as a political opinion between opposing parties? The battle between good and evil, Christ and Satan, truth and lying are as old as mankind and always disguised by God’s enemy as a “fight” for something newer, better and more adequate and fitting for a “new age”!

Just recently, a houseguest of mine showed me his research while he enjoys Betty’s Hebrew library. He is a retired Methodist preacher and he and his very special wife have served Jesus faithfully all their lives. As we watch right now, our president is hunted and attacked! We find in the Hebrew Old Testament a Psalm written by David, when he fled from Saul.

Please read Psalm 35, and realize that David had been chosen by God to lead Israel’s kingdom. Yes, he was a murderer and adulterer and a very imperfect man, but God called him “a man after His own heart.” Why? He wanted to do right and honor God, and David repented and received forgiveness from God who looks at the heart of a person!

Here are some of the commentaries by Jewish scholars I respect and love for their insights.

Psalm 35:19-21

Don’t let them wink with the eye who hate me. (The Hirsch translation: Don’t let them look with eyes of daggers at me.)

They opened their mouth wide against me, saying “aha”. (The Hirsch comments: “Aha” is an exclamation of “malicious joy”.)

Mockers call what is good to be bad; flatterers call the bad to be the good. They fabricated lies about David.

God has never called us to judge people! Our calling is to pray for everyone, even the enemies of God or ourselves! Love never faileth!

God’s heavenly Joy to you!
Grandma Hansi

God’s Aloha to you all!

I believe that God often teaches the same or similar lesson to several people at a time. What Grandma Hansi has shared in this newsletter about learning to “wait upon the Lord” is a lesson God has been patiently trying to instill in me. A project I began several months ago with my students turned out to be far more difficult than I imagined it would be, and I am still working on it this summer! It is a large mosaic of a lion, which is our school mascot because the lion is often symbolic of Jesus in the Bible. Most of my plans for its completion, some well-thought out and others not so much, changed on a daily basis, often to the point of frustration.

But, the message I keep hearing from the Lord is through the lyrics of two songs that keep running through my mind.

“When You don’t move the mountain, I’m needing You to move; when You don’t part the waters I wish I could walk through…I will trust, I will trust in You.” “I know You're able and I know You can save through the fire with Your mighty hand. But even if You don't, my hope is You alone.”

I cannot say that I have learned the lesson well. I am not an easy student! But, many years ago I gave God permission to do what He needs to do to make me “worthy of the calling to which I have been called.” (Ephesians 4:1) I know many of us are going through trying circumstances and, on the scale of things, the lion project is the least of my problems – and yours! But, this one thing I do know for sure: He is faithful, and He WILL see us through. All God’s promises are “Yes” in Christ, and in Him AMEN to the glory of God! (2 Corinthians 1:20)

A few days ago, I spoke with our dear friend Darlene, who has been faithfully sorting and packing the shoes and clothing items you send to her. She was just getting ready to make another trip to Chicago to put several boxes on the high seas bound for Ukraine for our orphan children and elderly care program. We just sent six large boxes from Hawaii, filled with clothing, shoes, crafts items for the “child care center”, as well as a few sleeping bags! We will continue sending aid as long as the Lord leads in this direction, and we THANK YOU for helping to support this work!

In His promises,

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This newsletter can be found on our website: www.hansiministries.org and on the Hansi-SAIL website: www.hansisail.com. Please help us spread the Good News

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This newsletter can be found on our website: www.hansiministries.org and on the Hansi-SAIL website: www.hansisail.com. Please help us spread the Good News

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