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Books - on Hansi's Life
Hansi - The Girl Who Left The Swastika --12.95
I'll Never Walk Alone
-- HB-09 6.95

Books - Bible Study & Sharing
I Am But A Child In Christ -- plus study guide -- HB-00 6.95
Follow Me -- plus study guide -- HB-01 6.95
Learn Of Me -- plus study guide -- HB-03 6.95
God's Word: A Living Rainbow -- HB-08 7.95
Beyond Words -- HB-10 11.95
***NEW*** Whispering Streams -- HB-11 11.95

Audio Companion Tapes
Creation C-113A 6.00
Adam & Eve C-114A 6.00
Passover C-115A 6.00
Water & Manna C-116A 6.00
Milk & Honey C-117A 6.00
Rest C-118A 6.00

Self Acceptance C-113B 6.00
Self Knowledge C-114B 6.00
Self Confidence C-115B 6.00
Self Awareness C-116B 6.00
Self Development C-117B 6.00
Self Contentment C-118B 6.00

Studies in Philippians - Betty
Confidence C-119 6.00
Motivation C-120 6.00
Contentment C-121 6.00

Stress Management - Hansi
I Can Be Confident C-122 6.00
I Can Be Motivated C-123 6.00
I Can Be Content C-124 6.00

The Tabernacle - Betty
A Meeting Place C-125 6.00
A Looking Place C-126 6.00
A Doing Place C-127 6.00

Temple of The Holy Spirit - Hansi
A Hidden Spirit C-128 6.00
An Open Soul C-129 6.00
A Willing Body C-130 6.00

Psalms of The 90's - Betty
Remember Yesterday C-134 6.00
Improve Today C-135 6.00
Look For Tomorrow C-136 6.00

Answer for The 90's - Hansi
Binding Shame C-137 6.00
Daily Joy C-138 6.00
Complete Approval C-139 6.00

Books of Numbers - Betty
A Cloud to Protect C-140 6.00
Water to Satisfy C-141 6.00
Bread to Nourish C-142 6.00

Preparation - Hansi
Learn to Be Free C-143 6.00
Learn to Listen C-144 6.00
Learn to See C-145 6.00

Book of Deuteronomy - Betty
Accept Your Inheritance C-146 6.00
Use Your Inheritance C-147 6.00
Keep Your Inheritance C-148 6.00

Freedom - Hansi
Insecurity of Freedom C-149 6.00
Principles of Freedom C-150 6.00
Gifts of Freedom C-151 6.00

Tape Sets by Hansi and Betty
End Times - Hansi & Betty
Sold as 12 tape set only 60.00

Isaiah - Hansi & Betty
Sold as 6 tape set only 30.00
Parable of Jesus - Hansi & Betty
Sold as 6 tape set only 30.00

Audio Tapes for Children
Rainbow Stories by Hansi & Betty
Two Scared, Brave Men C-107 6.00
Children Can Serve God, Too C-108 6.00
Learning From Mistakes C-109 6.00
Learn to Be Free C-131 6.00
Taking Risks for God C-132 6.00
Jesus is Special C-133 6.00
Good Things to Remember C-177 6.00
Jesus Makes Places Special C-178 6.00
Trust God And Be Happy C-179 6.00

AUDIO TAPES - Bible Study by Betty
Studies in Joshua
Cross This Jordan C-24 6.00
Three Battles C-25 6.00
Do You Love Me? C-26 6.00

Studies in Zechariah
Robes From A King C-34 6.00
The Kingly Branch C-35 6.00
The Shepherd King C-36 6.00
The Rejected King C-37 6.00
The Crucified King C-38 6.00
The King of Glory C-39 6.00

Studies in James
The Christian Under Pressure C-47 6.00
The Christian In Interaction C-48 6.00
The Christian's Personality C-49 6.00

Studies in Hebrews
Who is Jesus C-57 6.00
Jesus Our Rest C-58 6.00
Jesus Our High Priest C-59 6.00
The Better Covenant C-60 6.00
Faith In Jesus C-61 6.00
Running Our Race C-62 6.00

Studies in Ephesians
What Do We Get? C-69 6.00
How Should We Live? C-70 6.00
What Keeps Us Going? C-71 6.00
What Difference Does One Person Make?
Trust Without Evidence C-72 6.00
Reluctant Obedience C-73 6.00
Little Becomes Big C-74 6.00

Studies of Romans
Salvation is Free C-78 6.00
Our Struggle C-79 6.00
Make It Practical C-80 6.00

Freedom Pictures
The Lamb C-87 6.00
The Land C-88 6.00
The Life C-89 6.00

The Fears of Freedom C-90 6.00
The Price of Freedom C-91 6.00
The Gifts of Freedom C-92 6.00

Three Messianic Psalms
The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23) C-95 6.00
The Lord is My Refuge (Psalm 16) C-96 6.00
The Lord is for Me (Psalm 118) C-97 6.00

Three Messages From Malachi
Remember - Who I Am C-101 6.00
Remember - You Can Trust Me C-102 6.00
Remember - That I Love You C-103 6.00
Psalm 119
To Go or Not to Go C-110 6.00
Detours or Freeways C-111 6.00
Stumbling Blocks or Stepping Stones C-112 6.00

AUDIO TAPES - Bible Study by Hansi
Lord, Keep Us Free! C-116 6.00
Hansi's Story C-131 6.00
A Time to Rejoice C-50 6.00
On The Life of Christ
Follow Me C-21 6.00
Learn of Me C-22 6.00
The Mind of Christ C-23 6.00

Three Keys to Daily Living
The Lord Leadeth Me (Law of Trust) C-98 6.00
The Lord Covers Me (Law of Grace) C-99 6.00
The Lord Honors Me (Law of Freedom) C-100 6.00

Three Keys to Abundant Life
Faith (How to Trust) C-104 6.00
Hope (With Grace) C-105 6.00
Love (With Balance) C-106 6.00

God's Method of Healing
The Lord Healeth C-113 6.00
As A Man Thinketh C-114 6.00
He Restoreth My Soul C-115 6.00

Six Acceptable Sins
Where Are You? C-51 6.00
Are You Lonely? C-52 6.00
Are You Depressed? C-53 6.00
Are You Put Down? C-54 6.00
Are You Religious? C-55 6.00
Are You Indifferent? C-56 6.00

Studies of The "I Am's" in Book of John
I Am The Bread of Life C-30 6.00
I Am The Good Shepherd C-31 6.00
I Am With You Always C-32 6.00
I Am The Light of The World C-33 6.00

Studies of the Book of Job
Job And His Friends C-63 6.00
Job The Man C-64 6.00
Job And His God C-65 6.00

Discoveries About Freedom
Freedom From Time Pressure C-66 6.00
Freedom From Social Presures C-67 6.00
Freedom For Freedom's Sake C-68 6.00

Bible Pictures
Esther, Ruth & Joseph C-75 6.00
David C-76 6.00
Psalms 36 & 37 C-77 6.00

I'LL Never Walk Alone
In Body C-81 6.00
In Soul C-82 6.00
In Spirit C-83 6.00

The Holy Spirit
Walking in The Spirit C-84 6.00
Leading of The Spirit C-85 6.00
Growing Through The Spirit C-86 6.0