Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds. James 1:2

May 2018 HANSI Newsletter

Shalom and Aloha, Beloved Family in Christ,

May the Lord bless and keep and protect you all! I praise God for the gift of friendship and kindness you extend to me, even if I have not been able to answer your precious notes – and how you stood by us so faithfully! Sometimes, you as the reader and I as the letter writer have grown old together, even as this ministry has served for the last 49 years!

Now I am at another corner of my long turbulent years as an individual, a servant of the Most High, and as an American who loves her adopted homeland very deeply. I have come from a birth which was not supposed to be (my Papa demanded an abortion), through a very destitute childhood as a foster child, into a 7-year long training and brain-washing by the Nazis, which left me a very confused and bitter young woman and a refugee in Western Germany.

Searching for meaning and some answers why I even existed, I came back to my foster parents’ God of the Bible and it opened the way for my family and myself to immigrate to the USA in 1955. Within the last 60 years, I learned to love Jesus, the USA, and freedom!

I also remember how harsh hunger feels for a child, as the Lord led me into a ministry to feed hungry kids! I also write books, have taught and shared all around the world, and have served as a counselor or senior advisor, as the Lord saw fit!

The reason I gave you this summary of my life has one purpose: I want you to read the request I have, slowly and prayerfully! Please, accept the intensity of my heart’s desire and my deep mourning, as I watch for a second time how a nation I identify with is turning against God Almighty and the divine purpose He has for it.

Germany was the Land of the Reformation, until an evil, demon-possessed man led that nation to become the Land of the Holocaust! Now, I watch America following in Nazi footsteps and going toward God’s judgments and to destroy its reputation as the land of freedom and as a Christian nation.

In Germany, I watched one man become the devil’s evil assistant. At the present time, I watch a group of obsessed people in the media and in government, who are willing to destroy God’s purpose for America, just to follow their senseless hate! It is the same satanic hate that Hitler carried! He was a tool of hell and he did not recognize that evil destroys itself! As you say in America, give the devil enough rope and he hangs himself!

“Lord,” I agonized in my times of intercession, “have we gone past the final point of return? Can You show me how to pray?”

Dear Friends, I am not a prophet but I believe that I got words of encouragement from the Holy Spirit! At the end of World War II, German Christianity was almost non-existent. Yes, there were some strong men and they also took the consequences, men such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer, etc., but the common public response to God’s moral law and church attendance and religious activities never entered German politics!

I have a great hope in my heart that the American response is not as indifferent as the German’s behavior. I believe that slowly but surely many Americans are starting to respond in this super conflict and are taking God’s side!

How? By prayer, peaceful protests, more intense church activities, etc., etc. It is slowly dawning on many “good” Americans that we had better do it God’s way – or we will end up like Germany! Their Christianity has turned to cold ashes; Israel is treated with indifference just as any religious activity – except the Moslem’s worship forms which are pressed by the sheer numbers of new German Moslem citizens!

Folks, we either wake up and pray and speak up and spread God’s solutions or we end up and vanish! All it takes for evil to win is for good people to sit and do nothing!

Last night, my beloved houseguests, Dale and Lois Kessler, shared a big “heart-lift” with me. Dale is a retired minister and he has been and still is the president of Hansi Ministries. Lois showed me a report on “Facebook” by one of her friends about a wonderful revival time in South Carolina. Hundreds of people are accepting Christ, while a 21-year old speaker keeps the fires going until the Lord calls the end to it. I liked what her friend stated about her own house in need of cleaning, wash loads not done yet but so eager to do God’s work first. May Jesus bless and bless and spread these holy fires!

Could that happen in your area? What do you think must happen first? God is looking for a willing heart to pray – and pray – and be willing to do extra work, invest some money for extra expenses, and not give up because the Lord didn’t open it all up by performing a mighty miracle to honor us?

May Christ put a fire into our heart and keep it burning! Let’s thank and praise Him that it is not too late yet!

Maranatha! Grandma Hansi

Aloha, from Jessie!

As many of you know, I teach at a small Christian school and, from time to time, we have guest speakers for our weekly chapel time. This morning, a young lady who just this past year graduated from our high school came to share with my middle school students.

Instead of immediately preparing for college, Maya believed God was leading her to go to a short-term missionary training school. Upon completion, she and her fellow students went into several countries in Asia to share the Gospel. They were able to share the Good News with several large groups of people, and prayed with dozens of people who responded to the Message of Hope.

What impressed me most about this precious young Christian sister, is how she repeatedly responded to every request the Holy Spirit made of her with a “Yes!” She said that sometimes the request sounded very odd to her listening heart, but she would do or say what she heard and, without fail, she watched the miraculous take place. People, young and old, would surrender their hearts and lives to God, and instant healings in body and emotions would happen before their eyes.

Maya did not consider herself as “outgoing”; in fact, she felt she was a very shy, reserved person. Nevertheless, she had decided she would surrender her own desires and ambitions, considering that she was made for the purpose of serving Jesus, no matter the cost.

Listening to her not only gave me tremendous hope for our younger generation, but it also inspired me to consider carefully my own responses to the Holy Spirit’s requests of me. Do I say, “Yes, Lord!” when I hear God speaking to me? Am I listening carefully to discern God’s voice among the many voices I encounter? Choosing God’s way above my own desires and ambitions WILL bring the only kind of joy and satisfaction that truly matters in this world – and in the Kingdom to come!

“Therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live; that you may love the LORD your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days; and that you may dwell in the land which the LORD swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give them.” – Deuteronomy‬ ‭30:19-20‬ ‭(NKJV)‬‬

Grandma Hansi and I believe that the Lord is asking us both to go on a missions trip to Eastern Europe this coming summer. We hope to meet with and perhaps bring God’s encouragement to the believers in “our” church there. We humbly ask for and covet your prayers for traveling mercy and listening ears as we step forth in obedience and say “Yes, Sir!” to God’s call. Thank you very much!

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